Friday, February 24, 2012

Not the Bassman's Favorite Sandwich

Who doesn't love a steak sandwich, right?  Meat between bread.  PW Marlboro Man's Favorite Sandwich has got to be a man's sandwich.  I was looking forward to it myself and I thought it would be a big hit.  It wasn't really.  It wasn't a total fail either. 

It's been a while since I've cooked cube steak.  I was surprised at how tender and easy it was to prepare for the sandwich.  And onions cooking in butter always means good food!

This is the lonely picture I took of the sandwich preparation.  I don't know why.  It does capture the high tech recipe holder, my Kindle!   I use it more to read recipes than to read books.  I'm sure if I added an ocean and beach chair to it, more books would be read.  Hint, hint Bassman! 

When the meal was all said and done, the sandwich was good but needed some cheese.  Maybe some swiss would be just the thing.  I will make it again if I'm not making a Reuben or a Chicago Fire or a Muffaletta...

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  1. Now that looks good! I didn't know that you could view recipes on a kindle. I use mine for my Bible, dictionary and novels.


    1. Hi Charlotte, thanks for visiting! I just use the web interface to view recipes. Which Bible do you use on your kindle? I have looked at them but haven't purchased one yet. I'll be getting an NIV for sure and maybe The Message.


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