Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Corn, Corn and PW Corn and Cheese Chowder

Sweet!  I'm so happy to not only be a member of the Sweet As Pie Cooking Club, but also to get to choose a recipe for the upcoming selection for March.  Yay! 

But first there's the corn.  There's a lot of corn around here.  My father grows it in his garden and we freeze it for use during the winter months. 

It's good, the whole family loves it.  I mean, we have it every other Sunday after church for lunch.  Sometimes prepared 2 ways.  We joke about it, "Are we having corn today?"  It's a lot of corn!  It's in his freezer, my sister's freezer and my freezer.   See? 

Told ya.

PW's Corn and Cheese Chowder was a good opportunity for me to use some of that corn in a recipe that I had never tried.  Actually, I have had corn chowder only once in my life.  I don't remember where so obviously I was not impressed!  All I needed to purchase from the store was the cheese and peppers, the rest of the ingredients were on hand.  

My attention to detail was lacking though, because I didn't notice the red,yellow,orange colors for the peppers in the recipe.   I picked up green and red and they turned out just fine. 

I also used whole milk instead of half and half since that's what I had on hand.   I do like the way Sweet and Savory Snacks lightened this recipe.

I did use less cheese than PW, and more onion?  Yes, we like onion too.   Thinking the Bassman wouldn't think this was man's food, I served it along with some chicken fingers.

Add some fresh cracked pepper and enjoy!  The Bassman and I liked it.  There were leftovers for him to take to work and we gave some to our kids to take home.  Nothing went to waste!

I'm linking up with Sweet As Pie Cooking Club and Tasty Tuesday

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