Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Miss Mattie's Southern Pimiento Cheese

When I read the February issue of Southern Living and about the same time my friend posted her delicious pimiento cheese pictures of this pretty lunch I could taste a blog post in the works.    You see, I wanted to make all 5 of those recipes in the magazine, they were all different and interesting.

Hominy Grill's Pimiento Cheese was first.  It was good, though not as spicy as I thought it would be. 

Next up was Miss Mattie's Southern Pimiento Cheese.   This one stopped me with a mouth so full I could hardly speak until it was gone.  I may never make it to the others on the list because of Miss Mattie (whoever she is).   It has sweet jalepenos and toasted pecans.

Sweet jalepenos?  I have seen sweet jalepenos in small town grocery stores, of all places, but couldn't find them in Publix.  Remembering that I have made sweet pickles from hamburger dills before, I decided to try it with jalepenos.    I had half a jar of jalepenos to work with.  I emptied most, not all, of the liquid.  Then spooned in some sugar.  Put the top on and shake, stir, shake, shake the jalepeno jar to get it all mixed up.  Allow the sugar to melt.  Leaving it out of the frig will help too.

This stuff is good!  I've never been to the Chocolate Angel Cafe and Tearoom in Richardson, Texas.  I may just have to stop in if I'm ever in the neighborhood.  Maybe I'll meet Miss Mattie and tell her how yummy this is!

The February Southern Living Pimiento Cheese recipes are here.  I'm linking up with Tasty Tuesday.


  1. oh i adore pimento cheese!
    this one sound divine!

  2. Great minds . . . the pimento cheese in that post was inspired by that same article. I didn't follow any of those recipes exactly, just saw some ingredients that were new to me. I put grated onion, jalapenos, and horseradish was the new ingredient for me. I have been using roasted red peppers for a while now. So good, so fattening.

  3. I've GOT to try this! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hope you enjoy it too! And I just checked out your bird pillow...sweet! Thanks for stopping by. Kerry


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