Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Shabby College Headboards

How excited can you get over a headboard?  When I first saw headboards made from shutters I knew that I wanted to make those for my daughter's rooms at college.   They were excited too when I showed them the inspiration pictures!  A college or temporary home is the perfect place to play with a decorating style or colors that you might not otherwise consider.  Plus,  DIY projects are a part of my empty-nest therapy, LOL!  So after I got the final OK that these are cute college furnishings, I set out to find shutters or louvered doors. 

The cost of a set of new louvered doors at Lowe's wasn't bad compared to the cost of a real headboard, but I really wanted to repurpose old doors that were in good condition.  After all, I was going to paint, distress and weather them!  I happened to find the perfect pair at the Habitat Restore for $60.    The Bassman then helped cut them so that both sets of headboards could be made from 2 sets of louvered doors.  This is what the original doors look like.  Blah!

These pictures from my cell phone are terrible, I forgot to take my camera that day.   And, this was likely during my "I'm not serious about a blog" time.  I had no idea I would be posting them on a blog

This headboard is a little more than 2' tall and mounted to the wall with 3M Command Strips.   Unfortunately, you can't really tell it here, but the edges are distressed by sanding so a little white and brown show through.  Maybe I'll update the pictures the next time I visit Tuscaloosa.

This headboard is sitting on the floor and it's about 5' tall.  I used Valspar faux paint weathered crackle on this one.

The girls are very happy with them!  And that makes me happy too, especially after what we forked out for those Anthropologie bedspreads!

I'm going to Show and Tell at Blue Cricket Design and Success U at The Stuff of Success



  1. Kerry,
    Your daughters are so lucky to have such a sweet and talented Mom who loves them enough to make these darling headboards. I love the color and they are just so cute!


  2. Great headboards. Not only cost effective, but great looking and "cool". So glad I have a boy. Headboard? What's a headboard?

  3. Great headboard ideas can completely transform the look and feel of your bedroom.



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