Monday, July 14, 2014

Chicken Cacciatore

A friend of mine has a Pampered Chef party every year.  I look forward to going, even though I never win the door prize!  Sometimes I can't make up my mind what to get, but this time I splurged on the deep covered baker.  This was quite an investment in a container so I need to use it often!  The party lady demonstrated how to use it to make chicken fajita filling (minus browning) in the microwave.   Chicken in the microwave?  Yes, it was not tough and tasted good.  As I recall, it took 18 minutes.  I thought it would be perfect for one- dish recipes that I never seemed to have the right container with a lid to go in the oven.  Like this Chicken Cacciatore Pioneer Woman recipe in the Sweet As Pie cooking club.  

After browning the chicken and sauteing the veges, I put all the veges in the baker and placed the chicken thighs on top.  Oops, the baker wasn't quite big enough and the juices spilled over into the oven, ugh!  Other than that, it worked well and the dish is delish!

I served it over egg noodles.  Everyone loved it and it makes great leftovers.

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