Tuesday, June 26, 2012

PW Simple Scrumptious Grilled Chicken

Have you ever looked at a word and you just know it's misspelled?  I just know that "scrumptious" is misspelled, but it's not!  I also notice misspellings on advertisements.  I know, it's weird.  Drives me crazy sometimes that I notice these things and I am not a perfectionist either.  Oh well, I will get on with this "scrumptious" recipe!

This was one that I chose for The Sweet As Pie Cooking Club.  It's June, fire up the grill!

Get the marinade going. 

Marinating with balsamic vinegar is good!

The steak seasoning will be good too!

Cut chicken into tender sized portions.

The chicken marinated for about 6 hours.  Next time, I'll do this the night before and marinate overnight.

I knew I was forgetting something, the sauce!  I had the grill fired up ready to put the chicken on when I realized I had forgot the sauce.

So I'm back and forth between the stove and bacon....

...and the grill and chicken...and then back to the stove and bacon....

Note to self:  don't do that again!  Fry the bacon before the chicken goes on the grill.

I did like the Sweet Mesquite black beans.  And bring on the sides with fresh squash and cabbage available from local gardens.

We kept the sauce separate so everyone could spoon as much or as little as they wanted.  But when it comes to the leftovers, go ahead and pour it over the chicken before it goes in the frig since the honey will thicken when it cools.  Next time, I'll just toss the chicken with the sauce after grilling instead of having it separate.

The Bassman's friend was in town to fish a tournament with him.   They were my taste testers.  They especially liked the little bit of bite in the sauce.  And I "may" have added a tad more than the recipe called for (winky face).

This chicken was scrumptious and we'll definitely make it again!

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  1. Ok, I'll try this one next. Those dark yummies on that chicken look delicious!

  2. Hi Kerry, the chicken looks scrumptious. Thanks so much for sharing.


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