Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Barn Charm #89 and Happy Father's Day

This is my father's barn. 

It was built by hand and is at least 75 years old.  There was no electricity available on the property at the time it was built.  I can't image, no electric saws or nailers were used!

He considered restoring it, but it's so costly. 

I like the side shed.  I don't really know why, I just do!

The craftsmanship and uniqueness of the angled siding is, well, charming. 

I took these photos on a barn tour with him this past January.  Lots of memories here...

Happy Father's Day to you Daddy! 

You might enjoy my friend Amy's collection of barn photos at Just Past the Barn.   We took a little barn tour recently and she shared photos of my father's barn here.   

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  1. What a sweet photo of your Dad & the barn!

    I agree, the angled siding is unique & charming. I bet it was difficult to install on an angle.

  2. Great shots and your Dad looks proud as can be. Thanks again for taking me there!

  3. great shots. thanks, for sharing at barn charm. (:

  4. Oh, what a lot of work went into that barn....so many memories for your dad, too.

  5. Great photo of your dad and the barn. It's really interesting the way they designed the barn with the boards set on an angle. I hope your family can save this barn. It's so sad when an old barn falls down. That happened to a barn at my grandmother's house and I just hated it. (I found you though a comment you left at Imparting Grace.)

  6. Welcome to Barn Charm!

    I knew that barn looked familiar when it popped up on my screen, I saw it on Amy's blog! So, you're the friend that she was talking about, nice to meet you & so glad you shared more pics of this beauty with us on Barn Charm!!! Awesome memory keeper shot of your dad and his barn! =)

    I don't usually run this late w/ my visits for Barn Charm... glad I was able to make it! =)

  7. I am late also loooking around but it is a charm. Nice pix of your dad is it.

    Like your title. Like your barns. Great photography!

    I will be back.


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