Thursday, August 1, 2013

Country Quiche

Let's just go ahead and say if there's a man quiche, this Country Quiche might be it.  It has a good ratio of sausage to egg and cheese and no green stuff like spinach!   Trisha says Garth likes it and so did the Bassman and I.  Typically, quiche is one of those dishes that I'll try when someone else makes it.

It is easy to assemble.  Although I fried sausage myself, that step could be skipped by using Jimmy Dean prepared sausage crumbles in the frozen food section.

This was the first dish baked in the new oven.  There's actually nothing that I bake regularly, so might as well try the new oven out with a new dish!

The portion size in the picture above looks deceiving.  I had two of those so be aware a realistic portion size might be closer to 1/4 a pie!


  1. looks good. The egs, sausage, spinach and tomatoes...that must be good stuff


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