Friday, August 2, 2013

Banana Pudding @ The Well

My go-to banana pudding recipe is this one from Southern Plate.   I like my banana pudding warm.

But this summer, the Sweet As Pie Cooking Club challenged me to try a new one.   This was a great opportunity since I needed a large dessert for our Fourth of July get together.  So I chose this one by Paula Deen.

It is a great cold dessert on a hot summer day and everyone loved it!  Even the leftovers were eaten the next day.  It can and should be made ahead of time.  Those Chessman cookies, with their small bag and big price, were a first for me.  I think one can save that $ and use some of those yummy butter or shortbread cookies from the generic cookie section or vanilla wafers.

And then, just as we were enjoying this new version of banana pudding, Paula Deen was all over the news.  Oh my.  Not good.  Is this true?  Is this really happening?  I live in the South and I'm asking myself this question.  Because we're human, racism and judgement of others is a reality.  We all do it, we all judge others in some way and tend to stay in our comfort zone.  It's not easy to deal with.  It gets complicated so then we avoid it.  Our best chance (and only) of overcoming racism is to see each other as God sees us.  Beautiful souls that we are.  Our best chance is for each of us to individually, deep inside us, seek Him and His wisdom first.  Put God's work first and do what he wants.  Then other things will be ours.  Including freedom from this issue that causes so much hate among us.  Treat others like we want to be treated.  It's not easy, but I believe it is possible.

Banana pudding will always be a reminder to me of this event and my need for Him in my life!

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